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Do You Need a Happy Audit?

Do you feel like your life isn’t going anywhere, like you are stuck in a Ground Hog Day?

Do you lack motivation to do anything?

Are you constantly tired?

Many of my clients tell me that they are tired, but they don’t know why as they are sleeping and doing the “self-care” things that they have been told to do, like reading, having a bath, eating well, and exercising but they are still tired.

It could be that they are suffering with emotional exhaustion (aka burnout), a condition consisting of extreme emotional fatigue, feeling detached, and a decreased ability to do normal, everyday activities. This is usually caused by long-term exposure to stress, overworking, or emotionally demanding situations. Signs and symptoms of emotional exhaustion can vary from person to person.

Or perhaps they are experiencing depression, the symptoms of which are similar to emotional exhaustion with the addition of low self-esteem and feelings of hopelessness.

Of course, where people are feeling extremely depressed or in no position to help themselves, I would always encourage them to seek medical advice. However, those who come to me have not reached that stage and are looking for help to find ways in which they can help themselves.

Mainly, my clients are looking for ways to be happy.

Happiness is comfortable, it is fruitful, and it feels good. It is also important for our health as it reduces cortisol levels hence it reduces stress, it lowers our risk of heart disease, boosts our immune system and makes other people want to be around us. We all, ultimately, just want to be happy.

One method I have is a ‘Happy Audit’ where I ask my clients:

  1. Did you smile at something yesterday? ……what was it?
  2. When did you last laugh out loud? ……what was it about?
  3. When was the last time that you were truly happy? ……what were you doing?
  4. Could you replicate what made you truly happy?

Here is an example:

For me I felt truly happy at university. I had just moved from Wales, it was the first time I have lived by myself, I was in a safe environment in halls of residence in London, and I had all the freedom that I wanted. I could do what I want, when I wanted, as I didn’t have to tell anybody where I was. I could do anything I wanted to do without asking anyone’s permission. I was really happy.

However, I probably won’t be going back to university, and I certainly won’t have the independence and the flexibility and the lack of responsibility that I had back then because now I am a mum and a wife. But, by doing this exercise, I realised that I am at my happiest when I have my own space, my independence and ‘me time’. 

I can replicate that feeling by booking myself a short break somewhere, just me. I can have that independence I want. I can come and go as I like without having to think about everybody else’s wants and needs. I can be a bit selfish and do what I want to do for a couple of days, because that’s what I need, as that is what makes me happy!

I strongly believe that we all have the capability to find what makes us happy and to replicate that. In my recent, well received, ‘Find Your Sunshine’, workshop, I helped attendees in-person to identify when they were at their happiest and look for ways in which they can re-introduce those feelings into their lives. It was really well received, so, I am bringing the workshop online in order to help more people find their sunshine.


The next workshop is on the 24th of July at 12.00 via zoom

Here is a review from one of the attendees of my in-person workshop:

‘I had the pleasure of recently attending Yvonne Pritchard’s “Finding Your Sunshine” workshop. Since attending this event, I have successfully implemented numerous strategies to brighten my work week. Although I consider myself a generally optimistic person, there are times when it becomes challenging to maintain such positivity. However, much of what Yvonne discussed resonated with me on a personal level, particularly her suggestions to attempt new experiences or revisit old ones. As a result, I have been able to focus on activities that promote long-term well-being, such as meditation, breath work, positive affirmations, and stretching exercises, which have all contributed to a more favourable perspective.

I highly recommend Yvonne’s workshop to anyone seeking to cultivate a more positive outlook. While we may know what we ought to do, sometimes having someone else articulate it is the necessary nudge to spur us into action. Yvonne exudes a palpable sense of positivity, and her enthusiasm is infectious.’