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Coaching Children and Teenagers

We hear so much in the media nowadays about teenagers this and children that – but who, in all honesty would like to be a teenager or a child in this day and age?

We didn’t have to worry about our online image on social media or how many followers we had.

We didn’t need to always be putting on a cool front or collect ‘likes’ for greater acceptance.

Being a teenager and a child today involves much more pressure than ever before.

As well as being subjected to so much more, they’re expected to be so much more. The techniques I have work just as well with children and teenagers, why would we want to wait until a child is an adult before we start helping them with their problems. Just imagine the life you would have had if you had been coached as a child or a teenager.

With my support they can:

  • Understand and control their anxiety
  • Overcome feelings of self-doubt and negative thoughts.
  • Build their confidence, self-belief and self-worth.
  • Become their own person and not worry about what others think
  • Reframe limiting beliefs –turning them into positive outcomes.
  • Develop a real sense of self, more confident about who they are, and their ability to handle school life, the real world and – life itself.


  • Lose any reliance on social media and the need for constant external validation
  • Gain more self-belief and gain greater self-worth
  • Lose any self-consciousness and increase resilience

 When we have finished, they will be feeling happy in their own skin and not worrying about conforming to peer pressure or trying to be someone they’re not.

We can also work with specific learning strategies, by giving them techniques that can help during stressful times like revision and exams.