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How do you know if you need a coach?

In this video I give a really simple explanation on how you decide if you need a coach.

Did you know that I offer a FREE session?

In this video I share what you we do and how a free session could help you


Why work with a coach?

In this video I share what outcome’s my client’s get after they have worked with me.


In this video I share my story, and how the coaching I use with my clients enabled me to get over depression

Understanding your unconcious mind, how it works and why we need to start listening to it.

Why your mindset is so important, and how you can control your mindset which will enable you to control your life.

Think of your mind as a filing cabinet and we save all of our emotions, memories and behaviours in these files.

Why we need to deal with things as they come up and the dangerous of not doing this to our mental health.

Colour breathing, a simple but powerful technique to change the way you are feeling.

How important is success to you? And more importantly have you defined what sucess looks like for you?

Are you a perfectionist? And if you are, why it could be holding you back.

Imposter syndrome, something that holds so many people back and it really shouldn’t.

Here is my take on Imposter syndrome.

Are you scared of failing?

In this video I turn the fear of failing on its head.

Do you compare yourself to other people and think that they are doing a better job than you?

Have a look at this video to see why this could be holding you back.

Why are values so important to decission making and procrastination.

Do you have a difficult pile? All the things that you have been avoiding? This video will help you reduce this pile and stop you procrastinating.

In this video I share a simple technqiue that will keep you accountable, daily. Chaining.

A quick technique to help with stress. 

Mind Monkey’s, what they are and why we should control them.

How to be happy, after all don’t we all deserve to be happy?

I believe that human’s are like flowers. Watch this video to hear my explination.

If you have lost your confidence, watch this video, it will help.