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Female & Fabulous


Are You in your 40s or 50s and beyond?

Do You feel like You are being pulled from pillar to post, with no time for You?

Do You feel like You have lost a sense of who You are?

Do You feel lost, unhappy or unchallenged?

Do some days seem pointless and not worth the effort?

Are You feeling slightly less than FABULOUS right now?


If so, then Female and Fabulous could be just what You are looking for; a way to find your sunshine and start shining out as the FABULOUS woman You are.




How do you know when you are feeling FABULOUS?

Female & Fabulous, is a membership for women who need and want to focus on themselves.

This membership is for You. You are at the centre of everything we do. And I know that each and everyone of You is unique and this membership is tailored to enable You all to be Fabulous.

Being Fabulous is different for every woman, and the Female and Fabulous membership embraces and encourages all elements of FABULOUSNESS.


  • Being happy
  • Being productive
  • Enjoying life
  • Feeling confident
  • Looking radiant
  • Embracing aging
  • Being brave
  • Feeling energised

The Female and Fabulous monthly membership offers You everything You need to start You on the journey to FABULOUS with:


  • 1 x group Zoom meeting led by me (with monthly topics including finding your sunshine, goal setting, confidence boosting, controlling your mind monkeys and acceptance)
  • 1 x group Zoom meeting led by a guest speaker (with specialists in nutrition, skin-care, wellness, cognomovement, menopause, style advice and relaxation techniques)
  • A monthly tip or goal for You to add to your FAB (Fabulous Action Box)
  • Access to a private group to offer accountability, support and motivation
  • Step-by-step guidance to being FABULOUS every single day.

To find out more please register to join the launch webinar on the 30th of November at 7.00pm

If you can’t attend, please still register and I will send you further details.

You deserve to be Fabulous and together we can help, support and encourage each other.

Female & Fabulous Webinar

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