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It gives me great pleasure to introduce Beeleev Executive Coaching

 My name is Yvonne Pritchard, a certified NLP Master Coach and the owner of Beeleev Executive Coaching. A forty something wife and mother of 2 beautiful girls, I am a person who is passionate about enabling professionals to build and channel their confidence, carving out a clear vision, so they can reach their true potential. Helping people achieve who they want to be and in doing so helping people find a career that realises their dreams.

 Amazingly the answers to many of the things we require to fulfil our dreams, meet our goals, find happiness and success are already with us, we just need to know where to look.

 This is where I can help, together we can identify your core values, things you like and dislike, understand what is holding you back and put a clear plan in place that will have a huge impact on your future career and personal happiness.

 Prior to Beeleev, I spent over 25 years in senior Sales and Marketing roles for global corporations that are household names. However, although being extremely successful there was something missing, I was not feeling happy, fulfilled, or challenged. I re-evaluated my life and gave up my corporate career to focus on what was important to me – my family and myself.

 During this time, it became obvious that my passion in life was to help people achieve what I continuously strive to achieve, being the best version of myself. I have achieved this through many hours of personal development, reflection, goal setting and finally NLP. I have personally experienced all the techniques I now use and they have left me feeling far more positive, with greater focus and clear goals. I feel much lighter with no “baggage” and cannot wait to live the rest of my life.

 I have found my passion, my identity and my focus and there is nothing missing in my life now. Helping others to become the best version of themselves is probably the best thing I have ever done.

However, I know that there are many people who have not found their passion, who are not sure who they are or who they want to be and have no clarity and focus and as such are not happy.

 If this is you, do not wait, things probably will not get better if anything they might get worse.

I am here to help as many people as I can live a happy, fulfilling life. If you would like to how I can help you let’s arrange a 30-minute no obligation consultation. My email is yvonne@beeleev.co.uk, message me today so we can start the path to your future happiness.