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Sorry you are probably singing now!

But on a serious note, so many people struggle with making decisions.

The main reason that people struggle with making decisions is that they don’t want to make the wrong decision, and in my experience most of these people are perfectionists who really don’t want to be wrong, they are scared.

Fear holds so many people back, it’s your minds job to keep you safe and as we don’t have an Saper tooth tigers around anymore, the mind has decided that anything that pushes you out of your comfort zone is not good for you and is actually dangerous. Your mind will be telling you all sorts of things to stop you making a decision that it thinks is dangerous, however your rational mind will be questioning this and this is when you will start to have internal conflict and making a decision will be difficult.

However, not making a decision is not good for you or your business. If you don’t make a decision the following will happen;

You will be procrastinating and you will lose valuable time and energy.

You will be constantly having a conversation in your head (the same conversation) so you will get exhausted.

You will also be frustrated as you don’t know what to do and eventually you will become unmotivated, emotional and possibly depressed as the burden of making a decision weigh’s heavily on you and you won’t make the progress you deserve to make.

Not making a decision could be detrimental to you, your business and even your health.

Make a decision, if it is the right one, brilliant, but if it isn’t what is the worst that can happen? Will you die if you make the wrong decision? Probably not, and if it is the wrong decision, guess what you can make another that will change the wrong the decision. It is not a big deal and it will stop you procrastinating and possibly becoming ill.

But if making a big decision is difficult for you how do you make a decision?


How to stop indecision killing you.

  1. Find somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed.
  1. Close your eyes and ask yourself the question that you need to make the decision about

“I can’t really afford to outsource my marketing, but I hate doing it, what should I do?”

  1. And listen, it might take a couple of minutes but just listen as something will pop into your head, if it doesn’t ask the question again until something pops into your head.
  1. When you do hear something, start having a conversation with yourself;

“You don’t do it as you don’t like to do it, so why not outsource?”

“I can’t afford it.”

“Do you know how much it will cost you?”


“Find out how much it will cost before you make the decision.”


  1. Keep asking these questions until you come to either an action you need to take or you have made a decision.
  1. Once you have made a decision, open your eyes, take 3 deep breaths and ask yourself

“How do I feel about this decision?”

  1. And listen to your body mainly your gut. If you have a gut feeling that you have made the right decision you need to go into action immediately, because if you don’t your mind will start talking you out of your decision. If it does not feel right go back to step 2 to 6 and go through the process again and keep doing this until your gut tells you have made the right decision and get into action.


Getting into action is so important, once you have put the wheel’s in motion to carry out the decision you have done the quicker you will stop procrastinating and doubting and moving into action and motivation, which is where we all want to be.


Note – Do not let yourself off the hook! As a coach I keep asking questions and digging until my clients get to the correct decision’s, as human beings we don’t like uncomfortable conversations and people tend to let themselves off the hook. If you find that you still can’t make a decision or move into activity after you have implemented the technique above them you are letting yourself off the hook. Go back and do it again, or even better get in touch to see how I can not only help you make the correct decision but also help you put a plan in place to implement the decision you have made.