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What FM are you listening to?

You are in control of 2 things your actions and your mindset, no one else can control these. So by controlling these you can change your beliefs which then enables you to change your mindset, which will make you happier.


A good place to start is to acknowledge that you have this internal dialogue, and if you are not already listening and I mean really listening to them it is time to start. This is the only way you are going to change your mindset. Once you have made this decision (taking action), start writing your thoughts down and read them.


By writing down this chatter it does 2 things, it removes these thoughts from your mind and it allows you to see exactly what you are telling yourself.


To start the process

You need a pen and paper about 15 minutes and somewhere quiet where you won’t be interrupted.


Close your eyes, breathe deeply, relax and just listen, allow your thoughts and your chatter to come to the surface, they might come straight away or you might need to give yourself sometime to hear, they will come.


Once you become aware of them open your eyes write them down.

You will also find as you are writing more thoughts and chatter will come into your head let it flow and write them all down, most people have between 10 and 20 comments/thoughts when they first start the process.


You will also find that this chatter becomes very loud when you are asked to do something you don’t like, or something that is new or really pushes you out of your comfort zone, write these down straight away if you can.


This is the 1st step of controlling your mindset, you are taking action and starting the process. If you would like to how I can help you further let’s arrange a 30-minute no obligation consultation. My email is yvonne@beeleev.co.uk, message me today so we can start the path to your future happiness.