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Proud to Be…

I have been honoured to meet some amazing people and I want to share their stories with you. On this page I am going to share who I will be speaking to next and the recording of the interview so you can watch it back.

As this is a new project of mine, I thought I should really start with my story.

Some of you know it, but maybe you only know a bit of it. So take a listen to find out what decisions I made at the age of 15, how depression, redundancy and Alzheimer’s all contributed to where I am today. 

Proud to be Yvonne Pritchard

I had the pleasure of interviewing Suze Mannion as part of my “Proud to be…” series.

Suze shared with us why she left a well paid role to start a business that she always wanted to do, how working with her confidence has really helped her on a personal and professional level and why she is the happiest she has ever been.

Proud to be Suze Mannion

Camilla Medcalf joined me as my 2nd guest in my “Proud to be…” series.

Camilla shared with us how she and her husband work together, the boundaries they have agreed on and why they set up their company Reccobiz.

Proud to be Camilla Medcalf

Kate Vayle joined me in part 3 of my Proud to be Series.

Kate shared what she does today and how she help’s business owners get some time back and she shared her biggest achievement and she shared some of her possible future plans (might need to buy a hat!)

Proud to Be Kate Vayle



Sue Selisko joined me as my 4th guest in my Proud to be Series.

She shared with us the 4 different paths she has experienced. Why age is not an issue to stop you doing anything. And why failing can be a positive.

Proud to be Sue Selisko.