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How I have helped other clients.

The results they have had.

The positive impact that coaching has had on them and their business.

Yesterday I experienced a massive turning point in my mental health and I believe the rest of my life..

I had NLP ‘timeline therapy’ with the incredible Yvonne Pritchard.

I’ve always been a negative thinker, a worrier, always felt guilty for everything including things that didn’t have anything to do with me, which effected me in my every day life..

From the moment we finished I felt calmer and my mind clearer, today I’ve woken up happy and throughout the day I have generally felt content- which I haven’t felt for years and years!

Yvonne you are a miracle worker, I’m forever grateful to you for changing how my mind thinks and works.

Laura Eves

Yvonne has made such a diffrence to my mental health and belief in myself that I actually find it hard to put it into words.

I felt less burdended, less confused. I no longer questioned my abilities or skills, I felt nourished, empowered, free and I began to really thrive, so much so that I started my own business which is proving to be the most incredible journey.

Thank you Yvonne

John Walters

When I first met Yvonne, I was instantly taken with how open, welcoming and human she was.  I wasvery nervous as I had never spoken to anyone about my imposter syndrome or my fear of presenting but Yvonne put me straight at ease. She has helped me in so many ways and has given me some amazing coping mechanisms regarding controlling my nervousness when I need to present.

Yvonne has shown me ways to control and shut out the negative, imposter syndrome chatter and I feel so confident again that I have been able to break through my business mind block and I now have the a new drive and direction to push my business forward.

Thanks Yvonne you are a star.

Clair Davy

I can highly recommend Yvonne’s services and support to anyone who needs clarity and advice in all aspects of life. We met in the summer of 2020, since then I have taken part in a couple of courses with her that have helped me massively to gain clarity in my personal life, such as emotional and mental aspects, and in my career and what to look for as my next step. Yvonne is very passionate and dedicated to her coaching business, her smile is so addictive. Thank you Yvonne for all the help and advice given so far, I will likely use your services again!

Elisabetta Dell'Eva

I went to see Yvonne about a bad phobia I’ve had for at least 15 years to see if she could help me as it was becoming a big issues for me.

In all honesty, I wasn’t 100% sure about this and thought there’s no way she’s going to be able to get me over in the space of an hour something that’s seriously affected me for 15 years.

I was wrong though and in just over an hour my life has been changed around and this phobia is no longer, I would therefore 100% recommend going to Yvonne if you have a phobia you want to get over or just in general as she is amazing!

Thank you so much Yvonne! X

J Berkshire

I have worked with Yvonne before and when she suggested I do the group coaching I didn’t know what to expect.

What I didn’t expect were the results.

The simple approach, the tools and knowing because I was in a group I wasn’t alone. I am so focused in such a positive way. I now make good decisions confidently. I keep being constantly  amazed at what I got out of those 4 weeks of investment. A gift to me that keeps on giving.

Thank you Yvonne. x


Yvonne literally has helped change my life.

I had coaching sessions to address my issues with public speaking. She identified some negative scripting and we reprogrammed them. No voodoo stuff: plain, simple mental exercises and the results are incredible.

No nerves, unbelievable feedback and requests to do more presentations.

I enjoyed the process and the results. My business is going to benefit from it significantly as well.

THANK YOU Yvonne, I highly recommend you.

Mitch Lloyd

I had an amazing experience with Yvonne recently where she used her expertise and knowledge to help change my mindset. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to make a real change in their lives and shake off any self doubt!

Suze Mannion

I was struggling with my confidence and self esteem.
I had a few sessions with Yvonne who provided homework to do in between each session. I now feel able to take on the challenges I was avoiding. Yvonne is really friendly and approachable and listened to how I was feeling at the start of each session. She was able to clarify so much for me regarding what was going on in my head and give me the tools to tackle issues going forward. Highly recommend.

Kate Vayle

I’ve been a chef since leaving school, and went self employed four years ago, but Yvonne tapped in to something deeper, invited me to start using the term ‘business owner’ rather than ‘just a chef’ and worked with me to start believing that the sucess I have is what I’ve worked hard for and deserve. My partner even commented the other evening on how my attitude and my business has changed since I’ve started calling myself a business owner. Thank you Yvonne, I really can’t recommend you enough!

Carry Shay