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“If you change your Mind”

Your internal filing cabinet

I am assuming you all know that you have a conscious and a sub or unconscious mind? I will use the term unconscious as there is nothing sub about this part of the brain.  

The conscious brain fire’s one neuron per second, the unconscious brain fire’s one million neurons per second. It’s your unconscious mind that is doing most of the work and is responsible for almost everything you do.

90% of our thoughts, behaviours and emotions sit at the unconscious level. Think of your unconcise mind as a filing cabinet, once you have learned something or you believe something, it gets filed into your unconscious and when you need that file it open ups and brings it to your conscious awareness. These files are our reference points and we believe everything that is on them whether they are true or not.

We are born with 2 fear’s; loud noise and fear of falling. Every other fear we learn, and once we have learned it we file it away in our unconscious filling cabinet. And these files are always there when we need to refer back to them our reference points.

This is really useful if what we have learned is good for us, like brushing our teeth, however if it is not good for us then we have a problem. The good news is if we can learn it we can un learn it.

And this is why being in control of your unconscious mind is so important and re-writing these files are a must for some people.

Let’s use giving a presentation as an example.

You are dreading this presentation, you are terrible at them, you know this because you have had some awful presentations in the past, when everything went wrong. 

Well of course, you are going to be rubbish at this presentation as well, so what is the point? Why are you bothering? You may as well just stay at home.

Can you hear it? That internal chat??

This is what is written on your presentation file and therefore this is what you believe, and because you believe it, it must be true…

Think of something that you are worried about right now. Stop. What is your internal chatter telling you? I can guarantee that it is not positive otherwise you wouldn’t be worrying about it.

It is the same with your emotions, they all sit in your unconscious mind. Now if I asked you to get your happy file out, it would make you smile as everything you have written on there is positive. This is good. There are good files in your filling cabinet, we just need to get them out more often. Unfortunately, some of us are glass half empty people, and we spend more time listening to our negative files than we do our positive files. And the more we listen the more we believe and the more we add to the negative file and this then become the dominant file that we listen to most. Let’s use the opposite of happy, let’s get our sad file out. Some of the sad stuff we need but not all of them. We need to reduce the list by clearing away the stuff that isn’t serving us, so that if we do feel sad in the future we can handle it, and by reducing the amount that is on our sad file our happy file can become and equal and eventually become the dominant file. We all know happy people; they are happy as there is more written on their happy file than on their sad file and we should all aim to be this way.

And this is why its important that you know that you can re-programme your mind.

When I work with client’s we work with these files and with the techniques at my disposal we re-write these files so that they have a positive reference point that enable’s my clients to lead happy, successful and fulfilled lives.