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    The aim of coaching is to achieve some goals or develop specific skills. It helps you to understand where you are now and where you want to go.


    There are many ways to coach and many different names for coaching and NLP Coaching encompasses all of them. In practice a good NLP coach will have the experience and flexibility to match the role that you need.


    So why should you work with a coach?


    1. You are too close to the problem and can’t see the solution

    When you are feeling blocked, stressed, or anxious, the part of the brain that handles your fight or flight response comes into effect. When you get stressed or overwhelmed, this part of your brain can take control and even override more logical thought processes. Having an independent person to sound off your concerns and thoughts can help you to focus.


    Having a coach gives you thinking time. What may seem like a luxury, taking 2-3 hours out of your busy schedule to talk to a coach brings clarity and leads to improvements in performance and significant returns making the cost involved a worthwhile investment.

    If you work with others, you could spend some of that thinking time in conversation with your colleagues, however there are times when it is ‘difficult’ to have those conversations especially if they affect the jobs of others or if they are a bit ‘radical’. An independent coach will help you to explore all those issues, freely, without judging what’s a good or bad idea.

    1. They provide accountability to change and get things done.

    A good coach will take you to places you didn’t think you could go to and help you try things you didn’t think you could try. They will ask challenging questions and give you the opportunity to develop new skills, to become better at what you do.


    Using NLP business coaching takes whatever you know now, to a totally different level enhancing all your skills and adding a whole new set of skills as well.


    NLP coaching will give you honest feedback about whether your goals are compelling enough to motivate you and whether you have a realistic and honest assessment of where you are now.


    NLP coaching will challenge you when you go “off track” and help you stay focused.


    1. Working with a professional who can help you change quickly

    NLP therapy helps you to understand your thinking and behavioural patterns, emotional state, and aspirations. An NLP coach can help you find and strengthen the skills that serve you best and provide new strategies to replace unproductive ones which can help you to reach your goals. 


    NLP looks to build effective communication between the conscious and unconscious mental processes and can work quickly.


    1. Question the stories you are telling yourself daily.

    NLP therapy includes changing the way in which you perceive things; Reframing the way in which you ‘talk’ to yourself so that you focus on the positive and reminding you to celebrate your achievements and anchoring that in your neurology for future use.

    NLP coaching can also assist you in developing better relationships with other people at home and at work.

    If you have colleagues, being coached makes you a better coach! Being able to adopt a coaching approach to your colleagues and the challenges faced by your business are essential business skills.