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Yvonne Pritchard


Mind and Life Coach

Helping people to be happy

Do you feel;


Stuck and unmotivated? Struggling with making life decisions?

Are you confused or lost? Have you lost your mojo?

Are you unhappy? And have no idea what to do next?

If this is you, I can help.

I help my clients to deal with what is holding them back, what is making them miserable. To enable them to be happy today and in the future.

I believe that humans are like flowers. Flowers need water and sunshine to grow and survive and as humans we need the same. Water keeps the flowers alive and the sunshine makes them thrive. Our water are things like a roof over our head, money, food and family. And our sunshine is what makes us thrive, its what makes us happy.

However what I have found whilst working with some of my clients is that most of us don’t actually have sunshine in our lives. We have a little bit here and there, but we don’t really live our life to the maximum.

When my clients come to me, it’s normally with a problem, there’s normally something wrong in their lives, sometimes they know what that is, so we can fix it, things like Anxiety, Stress or Phobias.

But sometimes they don’t know why they feel the way they do. These are the clients where I find that happiness is lacking. However they are not even ready to think about being happy, because they need to deal with what’s making them unhappy first and this is where I tend to start.

My clients comes to me saying “I just feel lost” “I feel stuck” “I feel overwhelmed” “I’ve lost my mojo” “I am really unhappy and I don’t know why” can you help?

And yes I can help them.

My goal is to help them to find the root cause of their unhappiness and deal with this problem, because you can’t be happy if you’re feeling unhappy.  We need to deal with the negative’s first before we can then find the positive, find out what makes my clients happy. We can then start to work on finding their sunshine for them.

I think it’s really important when you work with somebody like me, that not only do you deal with the negatives and get rid of the negative, you should also focus on looking forward and working out how you can live your life fully and this is why finding your sunshine and being happy is so important to me and my clients.

Why work with me ?

I use various techniques, support, guidance and tools to help my clients get the results they need to be happy, motivated, successful and excited about the future.

I am an NLP Master Coach, Master Hypnotherapist, Time Line Therapy Master, Kinetic Shift Practitioner and a Mental Health First Aider.

I use all of my skills and qualifications to help my clients get the results they deserve.
If you want to see positive results fast then I am the coach for you.

I have personally experienced all the techniques and coaching practices that I use with my clients, therefore I am walking talking proof that if you are committed to making positive change and you are wiling to work on you and your business then success will follow.

I am constantly learning new techniques, I use these myself and I share them with my clients to ensure that you have everything required at your disposal to help.

What my clients say about me:

Yvonne has shown me ways to control and shut out the negative, imposter syndrome chatter and I feel so confident again that I have been able to break through my business mind block and I now have a new drive and direction to push my business forward.

Thanks Yvonne you are a star.

Clair Davy

I felt less burdened, less confused. I no longer questioned my abilities or skills, I felt nourished, empowered, free and I began to really thrive, so much so that I started my own business which is proving to be the most incredible journey.

Thank you Yvonne

John Walters

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